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Steven F. Austin University

Who It's For

Study with Precision was Created for
Motivated Pre-Med Students Who…

Feel Stressed

We teach them exactly what to do, when to do it, and how – so they get great grades, with less stress and more free time.

Want an Edge

We teach them efficient, evidence-based strategies drawn from educational neuroscience – so they can compete effectively for top spots.

Client Testimonials

"...it helped me achieve my goal of entrance into medical school... Thanks to implementing the tools I learned, I was able to increase my MCAT score by six points."

- Elizabeth E.

"Straker and Kelman have developed a system that helps students truly learn, and succeed, for the long term.”

- Dr. Ronald Johnson, DDS

The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston; University of Pittsburgh Legacy Laureate and Distinguished Alumnus from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine

"I see a complete change in my attitude this semester. I enjoy studying now! Learning how to analyze, discover and then organize is the key."

- Ashley W.

"These strategies were vital to my success as a pre-medical (and now medical) student. I would recommend Six Steps to anyone who wants balance in life."

- Renny V.

"This system walks the student through an easy transition to more effective study habits that will prepare her for success through college and into the workforce – or continued studies."

- Jennifer R.

"The strategies allowed me to manage my time and learn information in a way that was organized and easy to recall. I became a well-rounded student, doing well in my studies and also having time for fun!"

- Chinormso D.

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